How can I be guaranteed a course seat?

Once your registration is accepted and payment is received and approved you will be provided with a course confirmation number. If the class is full you will be placed on a waiting list.

What happens if I change my mind to attend after registering and receiving a confirmation number?

If there is a waiting list you will receive a full course refund. If your spot cannot be filled you will receive a credit for attendance at a future course. This credit will be valid for a two-year period. Thus, there will be no refund provided.

What if I’m currently enrolled in a Technologist Engineering Program but have not yet graduated?

Qualification to enter the EPCIP Program will be based on your work experience.

I can not afford $1700 at present. Can I pay in installments?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept installments.

Do I have a choice of not taking the exam?

The exam is mandatory for the diploma program.

Will I have the opportunity of evaluating the course?

Yes. There will be an evaluation document provided at the end of the course.

Can I reduce the course fee by obtaining my own course material?

No. Materials packages are complete packages and cannot be customized.

Do I need access to a computer to participate?

Yes. We recommend a computer with high-speed Internet access.

Do I need to attend every class?

No. However, you are responsible for learning all the required material that will be presented.

Is there an emergency telephone number to call in the case of bad weather to find out if the course is to be postponed or delayed?

Yes. The number is 519-888-4770.

Will I receive Continuing Education Units (CEU) if I fail the exam?

Yes, provided that your attendance is at least 80 percent.

If my question is not on the FAQ list, whom do I contact?

Send an email to masevior (at) or call 519-888-4770.
Note: To send an email replace (at) with @.