Effective management of our municipal infrastructure is an essential element of maintaining the long-term viability of our Cities and Towns. Sewer and water assets have been neglected and municipal governments have accrued significant liabilities. Collectively we must clearly identify a strategy for ensuring that these critical assets are maintained to guarantee effective long-term service. Implementation of effective asset management requires agencies to understand their asset inventory and its associated condition. This in turn means that there are vast quantities of data that must be managed and analysed to develop asset management strategies.


Course Outline

The Data Management course will provide in-depth knowledge of computerized systems available for the storage, management and analysis of asset attribute and condition data as it relates to underground infrastructure. In addition the course will explore future advances in the information technology field. The course gives the civil infrastructure professional a comprehensive foundation and skills relating to:

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Database Management Systems
  • Data Manipulation and Mining
  • Statistical Analysis Tools
  • Asset Management Systems
  • Simulation and Modelling


Key benefits to the student

Completion of the Data Management course will allow the student to:

  • Select and manage technology that will be used for the storage of asset management data.
  • Utilise GIS and other asset management tools to complement the asset management process.
  • Perform data analysis and mining to provide asset condition and performance reports.
  • Attain professional training credits.


Key benefits to the employer:

  • Improved accessibility to asset inventory and condition data.
  • Improved reporting of asset inventory and condition.
  • Understanding of asset deterioration and failure mechanisms.
  • Better understanding of investment requirements.
  • Development of defensible long-term operation and maintenance strategies.
  • Ability to mitigate risks associated with asset failure.
  • More knowledgeable staff (HQP) that understand the role of data in asset management.
  • Employee training credits that meet or exceed legislated requirements.

Who should apply?

The epCIP Data Management course is designed for engineers, technologists, technicians and others who have a background or working experience and desire to increase their knowledge of asset management technologies through a university level course.