As municipalities and other governmental agencies under increasing fiscal pressures consider the use of trenchless technologies, questions arise concerning “the outside forces” that cause project failures. The majority of the No-Dig (trenchless) systems/methods available on the market today have been in use for a number of years and personnel using these technologies are well trained in their application. However, when project failures occur they are often due to inadequate investigation, contract specifications, administration and supervision, rather than the failure of the product or method used. A successful construction or rehabilitation project is one in which the owner has a well written specification, the method proposed is the right solution and the contractor has clear direction to perform the work properly.


Course Outline

The Contract Administration and Construction Supervision course will provide an in-depth overview of the various administration and inspection techniques currently used in underground infrastructure construction and rehabilitation. The course gives the civil infrastructure professional a comprehensive foundation and skills relating to:

  • Contract law and case studies
  • General contract specifications – for pre-qualification, bonding, insurance, commencement and completion, prescriptive and performance specifications, liquidated damages, tendering and awards, health and safety, and risk mitigation.
  • Construction and rehabilitation specifications – for bypassing flows, design criteria, traffic control, materials acceptance, warranties, social and environmental impacts.
  • Administration techniques – pre-construction meetings, commencement letters, public relations, progress payments, holdback release, conflict resolutions and claims.
  • Site inspection techniques – daily reports and inspection staff knowledge.
  • QA/QC specifications – material testing for conformance.


Key benefits to the student:

Completion of the Contract Administration and Construction Supervision course will allow the student to:

  • Develop a comprehensive knowledge in writing trenchless contract specifications.
  • Understand and implement effective inspection procedures.
  • Recognize the influence of proper contract administration on a project.
  • Attain professional training credits.


Key benefits to the employer:

  • Improved contract specification and administration.
  • More knowledgeable staff (HQP) that is well equipped for conflict resolution resulting in fewer claims.
  • More effective inspection procedures.
  • Employee training credits that meet or exceed legislated requirements.


Who should apply?

The epCIP Contract Administration and Construction Supervision course is designed for engineers, technologists, technicians and others who have a background or working experience and desire to increase their knowledge of contract specification and administration through a university level course.